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Expiry date of “Sribna” water consumption?

According to the conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise

the water consumption period is three months. However, we know from our practical

experience,based on informal research that the water may be used

during the whole year without changes in quality characteristics.

Is it allowed to drink the water “Sribna” to children?


Considering that the water “Sribna” belongs to the category

of ground ultra-fresh waters and its total mineralization is 0,27-0,28 g/dm3,

there are no contraindications or restrictions in its consumption.

The water became green! What does it mean?

Sometimes it happens. And this is another sign of naturalness of the water “Sribna”.

Under the influence of sunlight, at a temperature of over 25 degrees Celsius,the microorganisms

begin to evolve in the life-giving water. They are not harmful to the human body.

In general, such water may be consumed, but your operator is obliged to replace it.

How many times the water goes through the quality control?

Each batch of water is tested in a certified laboratory upon organoleptic, physical,

chemical, microbiological indicators; in general – five times.

Why is this water so special?

First of all it should be mentioned an origin of the water and secondly that the water does

not change its inherent innate properties during the process of its preparation.

Borehole No. 2-PE, from which the water is extracted, is included

to the State Standards of Ukraine 878-93 “Drinking mineral water”.

What material is used in the production of a bottle?

A bottle is made of polycarbonate as the  material that does not interact with ozone.

How do you wash the bottles?

  1. Previous external and internal washing;
  2. The main external washing in a special washing machine;
  3. The main internal washing using soda solution and citric acid;
  4. Ozone water rinsing (disinfection). Chemicals are not used while bottle washing.

Is the reverse osmosis better or worse than the water “Sribna”?

Water "Sribna", unlike the reverse osmotic water

doesn`t change its mineral composition.