Address for correspondence:

79025, Lviv, Shyroka, 1Б
E-mail: [email protected]

Production adress:

82432, Ukraine, Lviv, Striysky district,
Holobutiv, Ivasyka str., 19B
Phone: +38 (050) 513-1011

About our company

"Galaqualine" Limited Liability Company is the official name of the enterprise, which being one of the few in Ukraine, is specialized on the bottling and sale of natural drinking water. This water is known in Ukraine under its own label brand “Sribna” water.

The enterprise itself was founded in 2009 as a result of more than 20 years of experience of its founders in this area.

The plant, where water “Sribna” is bottled, is located in a picturesque canton of Subcarpathia – on the south-eastern outskirts of the ancient village Holobutiv, which is situated in Stryi district of Lviv region. Historically these foothills of the Carpathians are well known for their transparent clear rivers and pure air as well as the unique plot of Carpathian land is the best natural water filter. To emphasize ecological purity of the area it will be enough to say that in fact the singular industrial enterprise throughout the above-mentioned land is the plant, where water “Sribna” is bottled.

Borehole No.2-PE – the water source – is located just inside the territory of plant. It is obviously equipped with a special captation structure (water reservoir) and remains constantly under the strict sanitary conditions. Distance between the water supply source and the place, where water “Sribna” is bottled, is approximately 34 meters. This is a guarantee that the water does not change its inherent innate properties.

Equipment used for bottling is made by American and Ukrainian companies, and all, without exception, is certified in Ukraine.

It is also important to note that the technological process at the plant is managed in such a way that it does not affect the physical and chemical composition of water; nothing is removed from it and nothing is added to it.
Even washing of bottles is done without the use of chemicals, but using the same water, which is saturated with ozone that is a powerful oxidizing agent and performs functions of bottle disinfection.

Consumers can be sure that they taste very the same water, which has been created by the nature of silver Carpathians. Moreover, we are pleasured that we can offer tasty and healthy natural water “Sribna” to Ukrainian people.

Did you know that ...

  1. 70 % of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, but only 1% of this water can be consumed.
  2. 85% of all diseases in the world are transmitted through the water.
  3. Earth is a closed system, like a terrarium, and it means that it rarely loses or gets additional elements. And the water, that existed on Earth millions years ago, remains unchanged till the present days.
  4. The total amount of water on Earth is about 326 million of cubic miles. We will never have more water than we have now.
  5. H2O chemical compound in its pure form does not exist in the nature. Water is the universal solvent; it dissolves everything that encounters in its path. For example, when we enjoy the taste of well water, we are pouring inside ourselves such a “mixture”, the composition of which is impossible to be reproduced.
  6. On average, human body needs 1.5 - 2 liters of liquid per day.
  7. If you are on a diet, it is necessary to drink even more in order to facilitate detoxification of the body.
  8. In Azerbaijan there is the water, which includes a large amount of methane - so it can burst into fire, if somebody strikes a match near it.
  9. In Antarctica there is a lake, the water in which is 11 times saltier than in a sea and can freeze only at a temperature of -50° C.
  10. It is unhealthy to boil the water more than once, because when you are re-boiling, an element dioxin (a toxic substance that causes cancer) is evolved. As well as it is unadvisable to boil the chlorinate water, as during this process the organochlorine compounds are produced and they are very harmful to the human body.
  11. Water helps to reduce the possibility of heart attack. After the latest researches were conducted, scientists concluded that people, who drink approximately 6 glasses of water daily, are less in danger of heart attack unlike to those people, who drink just 2 glasses.
  12. On the average the man drinks 35 tons of water during his life.
  13. The average person is composed of 50-80% water. Human embryo is composed of 95% water, a child – 70-80% and an adult – 50-70%. It means that human body dries up with aging and accumulates wastes and toxins. At the same time illnesses and the infirmities of age are coming with a decrease of water level in the body.
  14. Water reacts sensitively to our emotional state. It is able to remember everything and to record the information about energo-informational field (that surrounds the water) on the crystalline grid.

  15. It is dangerous to heat the distilled water in the microwave because it can overheat, i.e. – to overheat above the boiling temperature.
  16. The first bottle of drinking sparkling water was made by Englishman Joseph Priestley in 1767.
  17. Man begins to feel thirsty when his body loses 1% water.
  18. 2% reducing of the water level in the body can lead to a 20% decrease in mental and physical indicators.
  19. The water may be free and may cost a lot. The most expensive water in the world is selling in Los-Angeles.  Manufacturers pack the precious liquid with a balanced taste and ph value in bottles with “Swarovski” rhinestones. The price of such water is 90 $ per 1L.