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82432, Ukraine, Lviv, Striysky district,
Holobutiv, Ivasyka str., 19B
Phone: +38 (050) 513-1011

For good health!

On average, human body needs 1.5 - 2 liters of liquid per day.

For beauty!

If you are on a diet, it is necessary to drink even more in order to facilitate detoxification of the body

To force!

Water is a building material for bones (50% of water) and muscles (80% of water)

For the mind!

2% reducing of the water level in the body can lead to a 20% decrease in mental indicators.

6 reasons to drink clean water

Water is necessary for the formation of new cells

and regeneration of the damaged ones.

Water dissolves and removes toxins from the body.

Water protects joints from early wearing as is involved in

their"lubrication". Water improves metabolism

and reduces appetite.

Using enough water has a positive effect on the skin

and slows the aging process.

Water is a building material for both muscles and bones.

That's why athletes prefer clean water.

Our network

The water brand "Sribna" was founded

in 2009. In a short period of

time products became popular among consumers.

Today, we have more

than XX offices in more than 20 cities of Ukraine,

and are actively developing the

dealer network.

Photos of manufacture

We do not hide anything – our company’s work

is as transparent as our water!

Review these photos and see for yourself!

Proven quality!